About Us

We are a Record Label & Music Promotion company who defies the bureaucracy that is commonplace in other Record Labels and similar businesses. We are driven by a desire to achieve sustainable income for each of our members, from each of our individual passions and abilities within Music & Media.

We are a small, but entirely self funded venture, we work for ourselves but we also work for each other and for our fans.

We aim to promote the growth and development of as many Musicians, Digital Artists, Video Editors, Video Animators, Lyricists and other Creative Talents that you may utilise for the creation of musical media for YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify & more. We want to ensure that all who are involved in a project get the credit they deserve for the work that they do as part of the project to assist them with their own individual growth both personally and professionally. We aim to provide you with a space where you can build collaborations, make friends, find work and get feedback on your work so that you can push yourself further than before!




Director & Management

Drew Gibson

Marketing & Promotion

Cameron McEwan